Famous Cuttack BaliJatra 2018 starts in this November, Know the dates

Balijatra (also known as Baliyatra) is a seven-day long festival held in October or November every year. It takes place at banks of Mahanadi river, Cuttack, Gadahadia Ghata. This is the second largest trade fair in Asia.

This year Balijatra starts from 23rd-November-2018 & Ends On 2nd-December-2018




Most Popular Foods of Balijatra:

  • Thunka Puri: The most famous food at Balijatra.

  • Dahibara: Cuttack’s favorite food

  • Gupchup

  • Chat

  • Chop

  • Sweets


You can also enjoy Water Ball, Children Water boating, Magics, Children’s Toy train, and more Games

Balijatra / Baliyatra Yatra meaning “A Voyage to Bali” /  Boita Bandaṇa. Every year from Kartika Purnima (full moon day of the month of Kartika) according to the Oriya Calendar, this festival is celebrated. On that day people of Odisha gather near banks of the river, ponds, water tanks and sea shores to float miniature toy boats. Which are made of colored paper, dried banana tree barks. These toy boats, usually launched early in the morning contain traditional paan and diyas, which are lit and placed inside them. People sing a song Aa ka ma boi, pan gua thoi, masaka dharama tora dinak dharam mora. The song tells about four months that are important for marine merchants of the earlier name of Odisha.


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