Top 8 Delicious Street Foods in Cuttack – MUST TASTE ONCE!

The silver city, Cuttack is a popular city from Odisha. It is popular for the history, Tarakasi work, its cultures and more. You can know all the information here. This ancient but modern city is also a great place to taste a variety of delicious food. From top international cuisines to the street foods, it can blow your mind in all extent. If you are in the city or planning to visit, must try the top street foods in Cuttack. I can assure foodies like you; our amazing lip smacking list will leave you mouth-watering.


The 8 Top Tasty Street Foods in Cuttack

Now, we have a made a list of the yummiest street food places in CTC. The taste gets only better from place to place. I am confident the more you go through this list, the more yumminess you will crave for! So, come to the list.


1. Dahibara Aloodum

The people of this ancient city enjoy the luxury of one item at their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the everyone’s most-liked ““Dahibara Aloodum.”

The uniqueness of spicy and flavor of pudina the Dahibara Aloodum is its signature style. It is world famous. I can tell you a simple thing that you can find a Dahibara stall at the end of each 53 lanes of Cuttack.

So, you will have a lot of places of Dahibarawalas to choose!

Raghu Dahibara Aloodum Street Foods in Cuttack
Raghu Dahibara Aloodum. Credits: Odisha sun times dot com

Here are some top Dahibara Aloodum Stalls:

  • Raghu Dahibara Aloodum – Bandha Chowk, Bidanasi
  • Eshwar Dahibara Aloodum – Biju Patnaik Chowk
  • Satichaura Chowk
  • Rama Dahibara – Infront of SB Women’s College, Near Chandi Mandir
  • Kanika Chowk, Infront of Petrol Pump
  • and much more!


2. Chaat

Chaat offers a tasty flavor in a colorful and spicy way. And Chaat in Cuttack is better in every way.

The deep purple beetroot + red tomato + sweet pink onion + green coriander + golden pampad = an attractive plate of delicious chaat.

Here are some top Chaat Stalls:

  • Papdi Chaat – Buxi Bazar
  • Kaalia Chaat – Bajrakabati Road


3. Fafda

The Fafda comes under those snacks you can have at cheap rates. These are deeply fried and made of Gram Flour. With the unique Chili’s chutney makes it really special.

Here are some top Fafda centers:

  • Balu Bazaar – Fafda + Chutney


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4. Singada (Samosa)

A Samosa is called as “Singada” in Cuttack. It can be your choice to change your taste. With the tasty spiced potato, peas, onions and more inside the upper layer, a Singada will make you go crazy. So, you must try it from any of these places.

Here are some top places to taste Singada:

  • Chandi Sweets Stall – Infront of Seetal Hotel, Badambadi
  • Sriguru Mistana Bhandara – Deulasahi


5. Lassi

Lassi is a popular drink in India. It may be originating from Punjab, but its taste in the silver city has its taste. With the yogurt, ice, fruits, and other spices make it a refreshing summer cooler. So, must try it from the below places.

Here are some of the top Lassi shop places:

  • Buxi Bazaar
  • Bhagatpur


6. Paneer Dosa / Dosa

Dosa is another street food in Cuttack. You can have the taste of this South Indian based dish. Paneer dosa is another version of Dosa. It is made of paneer, parboiled rice, and some other spice. You will get it with the extra yumminess of chutney and sambar. Must try it from the below stalls.

Here are some of the top Dosa stalls:

  • Calcutta Sweets – Near Jayram Lenka, Ranihat

Calcutta Sweets Stall Ranihat Cuttack


7. Chicken Pakora

Your favorite chicken pakora in Indian style is not only easy to make but also very delicious. It can be your favorite munching snack. Its taste in Cuttack is also great as no surprise. So, you can take your mouth to these stalls to have the best taste.

Some of the tasty Chicken Pakora stalls:

  • Kalia Pakoda – Badambadi


8. Masala Soda

The refreshing summer drink, Masala soda is one of the most-preferred soft drinks during the heat. Its Rajasthani flavor makes it Masaledaar. You can try drinking it from Banka Bazar. It’s unique Rajasthani Masala will make you ask for the next glass. So, go and try once.

  • Banka Bazar (with Special Rajasthani Masala)


So, which street foods in the list are your favorite? How often you try any of these mouth-watering centers? We may have missed a few to add to the list. Please comment your favorites to grow this list.

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